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Best Negative SEO Service Providers

Negative SEO (NSEO) is a plain and simple- employing the tactic and method to decrease and spoil the ranking of a site in a search engine. Negative SEO Services can be used to bring down your competitor’s website, so you can go up in ranking. NSEO can also be used by an individual who has negative content posted about the competitor online. If you want to drop your competitor website or any negative review page from the 1st page of Google, then you can use the services of negative SEO.

Best Negative SEO Service Provider

There are some common Negative SEO Tactics. But only a few of them works effectively. Check our list of best negative SEO services providers in fiverr. We can assure that you will not need to go somewhere else rather than this.

Some of the negative SEO services sellers provide their service in terms of giving thousands of SEO backlinks to create a link juice. And as we know, generating such a number of backlinks for a website in a quick time will negatively effect on that site’s ranking. So you can use this positive SEO tactic as a factor of the negative SEO services.

1) NSEOxpert: Megablast 1 Million Contextual Backlinks, Beware Of Neg Seo Impact

Negative SEO CampaignSagoongerservic is from Belgium and is a level 2 seller on fiverr. He has completed over 3200 orders and have more than 1500 customers. He is an expert in providing negative SEO services, content writing and internet marketing fields. He has two years of experience on fiverr and provides professional services.

If you use this gig for direct links to a website, it will make a negative effect on the website ranking in search results. You can also use these links as tier 2 or tier 3 links.

Details of the gig:

  • Backlinks from 400,000 sites and having direct attack
  • Non Traceable blast – anonymous proxies used for this
  • Order and send URL with keywords
  • Provides full report

Sagoongerservic accepts unlimited URLs and keywords. Check his gig extras and order as per your requirements.


2) Theseahawk: 995k Bulk SEO Backlinks, Alert Negative Impact

Negative SEO AttackAlthorien is from Croatia and is a level 2 seller on fiverr. He has an experience of 6 years in the field of SEO and offering his best negative SEO services at an affordable price on Fiverr. He has more than 700 positive reviews in his account with a 97% positive rating.

If you want to destroy the ranking of your competitor and want to outrank your Competitor’s website, then this gig is for you.

Althorien will blast a mass low-quality backlinks to your competitor’s website in a very smart way to make a negative effect on his rankings on Google. This gig includes thousands of very low-quality backlinks with laser-targeted niche in a very short time period, which hurts the website rankings very badly in search engine results.  You can check out his gig extras for much stronger effects to hurt the enemy website. Contact him for more details about the gig.


3) Guidetrip: 2 Million Links In Any Niche, Careful Negative Seo

Negative SEO TechniquesUrfembillboard is a half Greek – half English professional translator and webmaster of 4 sites which are ranking on 1st position in Google. She is from Greece and have a 98% positive rating from 70 buyers on fiverr.  She offers reliable negative SEO services and prefers quality rather than quantity.

What this gig includes:

  • Backlinks blast to 500.000 sites
  • Non Traceable work – uses proxy servers for this
  • Free pinging to make it noticed by Google
  • Extra fast delivery within 24 hours, absolutely free
  • Full support and guaranteed satisfaction

Just place an order and send your website URL and keywords for which site is ranking and the rest of the work will be done by her. The direct blast of low-quality backlinks to a website, the risk of getting sandboxed is high and makes an effect on Google rankings.


4) Seogurutop: Negative SEO to DeRank Competitors Websites

Negative SEO Service To Derank a WebsiteSeogurutop is from Pakistan and is a group of SEO, SMM, and PPC experts. They have a vast experience in their particular fields and are truly dedicated to their work. They are a level 2 seller on fiverr and have a 99% positive rating from over 25 buyers.

Seogurutop will run GSA blast of 10,000 plus backlinks for your website. These links are not safe from Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates so the risk of having negative rankings in Google gets higher.

What you will get from this gig:

  • Extra quantity than any other gig
  • Guidance at each single step
  • Automated blast of backlinks
  • Full report

If you have any question, you can contact them anytime. Check gig extras for more services.


5) Linkfixer: Blast 300,000 Backlinks, Careful On Negative Seo

Negative SEO Anchor TextNegative_seo_3  is a level 2 fiverr seller from Slovakia and have a 99% positive rating from 78 buyers. He will provide 660,000 links to make a negative impact on your competitor’s website ranking.

This is the gig, which makes a negative impact on the website position in the search engine result pages, so choose smartly. You can use these links as tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 or with your redirects. There are a number of ways to use this negative SEO services. He will provide this Scrapebox blasts from various domains! Check his gig extras for the more link blast.


6) Montucas: Negative SEO Bad And Negative Links

Negative SEO CampaignsVolarex from Indonesia is a top rated seller on Fiverr. She has a more than 8 years of experience in the online marketing field. She will provide more than 18000 backlinks from more than 6000 wiki pages. Having such a high number of backlinks will negatively effect on a website’s ranking and is essential in negative SEO services from Volarex.

Check this gig details:

  • 18000 backlinks from 6000 wiki pages
  • 3 links/page
  • Includes .edu domain and mainly from PR 7 root domain
  • All the links provided in a single gig
  • Sointax is also accepted
  • The #1 wiki service provider on fiverr

Volarex also provides SEO dominator package. Check all of the services provided by the seller.

7) Crorkservice:  40,000 SEO blog comment backlinks scrape box link juice

Negative SEO ServicesThe Crorkservice team provides you a massive 40,000 blog comments to make a link juice blast for a website. This scrape box links will easily derank your competitor’s website. For this, they will use private software to provide faster indexing. You will also get a full report of the backlinks created for the website to ensure the work is done. They are perfect for getting negative SEO services. They also provide tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks.

Check amazing services of this gig:

  • Always over delivering
  • Faster indexing to give instant results
  • Always use fresh database
  • 40,000 massive blog comments
  • Perfect link juice

Crorkservice also provides a package with a manual full submission. They provide a number of digital services with delivering to over 8000 buyers. Their average response time is 3 hours, so most of the time you will get a prompt response.

Hope you like our list of the best negative SEO providers on Fiverr. Check out these gigs and choose the best one for you. Let us go through some more details about negative SEO.

7 Best Negative SEO Tactics That Will Make Your Negative SEO Campaign Successful

To run a successful negative SEO campaign, you need to discover some of the best and impactful techniques to make your negative SEO on the rise. Check this 7 best Negative SEO Tactics that are essential in any negative SEO campaign. All negative SEO services are incomplete without these highly impactful methods.

1. Negative Links: In negative SEO services, this is the main and important tactic to have an effective result. As you know, high-quality links from authority sites can improve the site rankings. But this is a part of positive SEO. In the same manner, if a website has a mass volume of low-quality backlinks from spammy websites, it will decrease the site rankings in search engines and is a part of negative SEO services. Generating hundreds of Negative or Low-quality links to your competitor’s site from low-quality pages will make a negative impact on your competition. These web pages would have been indexed in search engines and having very low rankings. They are also having tons of outbound links of low quality which makes the negative link quality even stronger.

2. Duplicate Content: As per the basic ranking factor of all the search engines including Google, if the search engine finds the same content published on different sites for getting high rankings, then the search engine will derank the site in search results. In duplicate content attack, a link wheel is created with duplicate content. This attack makes your competitor looks like trying to gain SEO. This link wheel gets easily detected by Google and thus negatively affect your competitor website. This method is quite important in terms of negative SEO services.

3. Low-Quality Content: The third tactic of negative SEO services is the Low-quality content attack. If the search engine spiders find the spinning of the content of a website used for publishing the same kind of content on different sites, then the risk of a decrease in a ranking of a website will become higher. The site for which the content spinning is used can be deindexed by the search engines also. The method of low-quality content attack includes creating link wheel of unique but low-quality content with excessive backlinks to the competitor website. This content gets easily indexed by Google due to uniqueness. But due to low quality and excessive backlinks they negatively hurt the competitor website. It is a very impactful and powerful method of the negative SEO services.

4. Copy & Paste Attack: This is the process in which the content of a live website is copied and published on other blog sites for approval. If a search engine spider finds the same content of a website at different domains, it can put the site in a sandbox mode. In this attack of negative SEO services, your competitor’ website content is copied and posted on multiple web 2.0 sites. This process of the negative SEO services dilutes their content authority and negatively affect their SEO ranking.

5. CTR Attack: The Click Through Rate (CTR) of any website is an important factor in search engine rankings. If a site has a very low click through rate, means it is not optimized well for ranking in search results. The search engines will derank such websites even though the site has good shareable information for the niche keywords. In CTR attack as a part of negative SEO services, a manual search is made of keywords (in your local Google search) for which your competitor is ranking and then not clicking on their result. This will decrease their CTR on Google SERP and results in a negative impact on their rankings. Genuine VPN services like HMA professional VPN  are used for such negative SEO tactics and cookies are cleared after every search.

6. Bounce Rate Attack:  Bounce Rate is also one of the main ranking factors in SERPs. If a site has a low bounce rate, means users are getting good experience in navigating and viewing that particular website. The lower the bounce rate is, the higher user engagement will be. The search engine bots constantly look  for the sites with lower bounce rates in their niche areas and put them ahead of the site with having a very high bounce rate. In this kind of attack of negative SEO services, a fake traffic is sent to your competitor’s site (with a 100% bounce rate), which generate clicks but no sessions. This is like a DOS attack. This attack messes up competitor’s website engagement metrics and so is essential in all negative SEO services.

7. Negative Review Attack: Negative Review is a highly effective tactic of negative SEO services. If a person or website has a higher number of negative reviews, no one will take an interest in getting service from that particular person or site. In this method of negative SEO services, a custom negative review attack is made on the websites or a person, who has disappointed you with their services. As soon as the reviews are approved by the sites in which the reviews are posted, these sites generate backlinks for that website or company. The search engines index these links and show them in the SERPs when users search for them. This process will make an effect on the overall reputation of the particular website and/or a person. People will get less interest in their services and their overall growth will be affected.

Any negative SEO services provider should be well aware of using such tactics. This will surely make a negative impact on your competitor’s website. But you should always be prepared for doing a positive SEO process on your own website to get genuine and organic rankings in Search Engine Ranking/Result Pages (SERPs).

Is Negative SEO Good or Bad?

In today’s highly competitive world, everyone wants to grow dramatically and want to stay on top of the competition. If you have an online business or if you want to make your online reputation, then sometimes only doing positive SEO doesn’t work. You have to take some hard decisions and even if negative SEO services are bad sometimes, you should take that service to get ahead of your competitors. We are not saying negative SEO services are the only way to increase your Google rankings or destroy your competition and you should be prepared for negative SEO. Use of the White Hat SEO tactics are always recommended, but sometimes some harsh decisions need to be taken for an effective business growth.

Please like and share this page so that most of the people can take advantage of the negative SEO services. Mention in the comment, which service you like the most and provide suggestions if you have any. We appreciate your reply and are willing to provide you any sort of help for updating or adding new negative SEO services in the list. Good luck for your search!